Women who love details

Harmonies of fabrics and colors and details attention.

Here there are some photographic shots that illustrate different moments in Roberta Scarpa’s creative path.

The distinctive trait of creativity emerges, not only satisfied with outlining lines and shapes but focuses on details with sartorial care as well.

Living Venice, or simply visiting it, means falling in love with it and there is no room left in the heart for anything else.

Peggy Guggenheim

Venice, the city where Roberta Scarpa was born and raised, permeates the style of each of her collections, pursuing the pleasure of elegance and the imperative of beauty as an absolute value.

Each collection is a journey through the cultural memories of the Lagoon and the topicality of the techniques with which she makes the apparel: the past that becomes the future.

Love for Venice brings a research that from collection to collection has explored an iconographic history of the Lagoon: from the shorthand of the doges to Peggy Guggenheim, passing through Murano glass. Without forgetting the symbols of the Serenissima: the Lion of San Marco and above all the Moretto, a distinctive sign in Roberta’s imagination.

Nothing has been mentioned philologically: everything has been reworked by the designer’s vision and hand.

The masterful creations of the most famous Murano glassworks – Seguso, Vistoso, Ferro – are taken up and reassembled in Roberta Scarpa’s tailoring work, infusing it with the light of that ancient art.

The designer, in her endless research on lagoon artistic production, founds at antique dealer ancient glass waste from the historic furnaces , recovering, among others, post-modern items designed by Ettore Sottsass and Peter Shire.

The designer, with the breath of her creativity, gave these ancient glass waste new life, merging them into the collections.

This way were born the sculptural necklaces around which the chiffon dresses float; while Murano beads dot the entire collection.

In a real upcycling operation, even the fragments of gold glass have become ultra-modern embroideries, which vibrate with the gleams of historical excellence.

Special manual processes characterize the items, enriching them with the value of great craftsmanship.

I deconstructed, lightened, made the beauty of Venice comfortable and wearable through innovative knitting techniques made with specialized craftsmen.