Looking to the future with Venice in my hearth.

Fashion overlap my life, I feel passion, got historical memory, culture, art and technique and all of that is part of my life.

I’m Roberta Scarpa: designer, business project developer, art director, fashion design tutor.

I was born in Venice, a charming place full of beauty and art that has influenced my identity as a fashion designer.

I created my own brand to instill the charm of my land in collection projects where the synergy between artisan techniques and industrial processes allows a high quality offer positioning in the international market.

My style is an emotional one; collections are dresses printed with exclusive designs.

The beauty of the Venetian palaces, furnishings, Baroque fabrics, colors and that particular atmosphere, which combines nobility, mystery and exoticism, have been turned into original designs, textures, jacquards and fabrics, in actual rendering for a total look sophisticated.

I deconstructed, lightened, made the beauty of Venice comfortable and wearable, through innovative knitting techniques made with local specialized artisans.

I have sold millions of clothes all over the world and now I intend to improve fashion as a cultural resource that brings with it memories, interpretations, dreams.

Roberta Scarpa


Inventing, making, distributing

Roberta takes her first steps in the world of fashion in Venice, in her aunt atelier of milliner, overlooking the wonders of Piazza San Marco that will leave an indelible imprint in the formation of the designer’s taste.

With the goal of dressing the contemporary, dynamic woman always on the go (also and above all mental) in focus, Roberta Scarpa in 1981 founded her own company together with her husband Rinaldo Lorenzon.

The call of the water is always powerful, Dressing company is established on Sile river’s banks, placid and verdant river crosses Treviso on its way to the Adriatic Sea.

Facing the role of business owner with seriousness and commitment, Roberta Scarpa decides to follow not only style, but also industrial techniques for the realization of the items and the distribution strategies in domestic and foreign markets; “Inventing, making and distributing” becomes her mantra.

The confirmations were not long in coming: in 1981 the “Bambole” line met with immediate success and a few years later Roberta Scarpa was called upon to collaborate with some of the most prestigious international fashion houses, such as Roberto Cavalli and Ermanno Scervino, who began to entrust artistic direction of the creator for the licensed production of their brands.

In 1996 Roberta Scarpa collection was born, in which the designer synthesizes and enhances her multifaceted experiences, knowledge of materials and technologies and a taste for experimentation.

Love for Venice is the common thread that marks Roberta Scarpa’s research, which will express herself, collection after collection, with references, sometimes subtle others manifest, to the shining history of the Serenissima.

The study of motifs and techniques in fabric printing has permeated not only the clothes branded Roberta Scarpa, but has also fed an enormous historical and cultural archive which is a source of inspiration for creating new research projects and which includes multiple prints designed exclusively , knitwear with stitches and jacquard workmanship, inlays and embroidery, researches of jersey with studies of finishes, treatments, prints and techniques of working on the skin.

Historical backgrounds

EXECUTIVE SHOWROOMS - Via della Spiga, 7 - Milano

EXECUTIVE SHOWROOMS - Corso Venezia, 36 - Milano

EXECUTIVE SHOWROOMS - Keiserswerther Strasse, 183- Düsseldorf




Creativeness and business

I use my experience and inspiration not only for my creations, but in the design of new brand as well.

What I am:
brand creator
artistic director


Esteem confirmation


Excellent collaborations

Established fashion houses offered me collaborations in which I was able to deploy my talents by matching them to the specific personality of the brand.

Loris Azzaro
Rocco Barocco
Voyage “Amour”
Antonio Berardi “2die4”
Plein Sud
Gai Mattiolo “XXX”
Cavalli Class
Scervino Street
Armani Golf
Versace “Classic V2”